Strider Pedometer

A beautifully simple pedometer for you iPhone

Take full advantage of the iPhone's step tracking capabilities with Strider, a clean and simple app to log and track your daily activity. Get the app


Record your daily steps

Strider uses the latest technology in your iPhone to log your daily step count, displaying it in a clean and simple manner.

Won't kill your battery

Strider uses the highly optomised hardware on your iPhone to count the steps, meaning your battery doesnt take a pounding.

Step count on the app icon

display an up to date daily step count on the home screen of your device (by badging the Strider app icon) .





Strider was designed to work with the latest technology which is only avaliable in the newest Apple devices. At present, Strider will only be able to count your steps if you have an iPhone 5S.

If your deivce is not supported, then the application will display an error message, and won't be able to count your steps. If you have any questions or queries about Strider please get in touch and we will be happy to help.

Contact us: support@codeavalanche.com

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